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Cold Brew Espresso

Italian Style Espresso


Cold-brew Style Coffee

Advanced Customization Creations

KUKU Maker provides a more free and precise flavor creation method, which is the first to achieve independent control by separating the core variables of extraction temperature, pressure, and time, without interfering with each other.

Variable Separation


Material & IP65


Centrifugal Force


Cyclic Extraction



Water System

Easy to Clean

& Maintain

Beyond Consistency,
a Tool for Flavor Creation

Different extracting variables can produce different coffee flavors, including temperature, pressure, time etc. However, when using the traditional coffee makers, there’s an inherent connection between these factors. It’s quite common that If you modify one, the others will also be affected, which can lead to unpredictable tastes. Therefore, people have to find a clear balance between these interrelated variables to avoid the risk of over extraction or under extracting, as well as unpleasant tastes.

KUKU Maker aims to truly separate these variables, which means changing one factor will not change the others, making coffee brewing easier to control, and making the final taste more predictable. Compared with the traditional coffee machines, KUKU Maker provides coffee lovers a brand new way to create DIY flavors, as well as a great consistency in production.

Variable Separation

Flexible Flavor Experimentation

Ensure Consistent Brewing

Explore the Science

of Variable Separation

01. Independent Pressure


Pressure Control in Ordinary Coffee Machine

In a traditional coffee machine, the real extraction pressure will be affected by many factors, such as the stability of the pump and boiler, coffee grinding level, the distribution status of the grounds, the tamping force, the volume of the grounds, and so on. That is to say, if people want the extraction to be stable, a series of conditions and states need to be stable and unchanged. This is very challenging, and some variations are often unavoidable.

Extraction Pressure Control in KUKU Maker

Centrifugal force

The KUKU uses centrifugal force to generate extraction pressure, rather than boiling water through a boiler or a pressure pump as in a conventional coffee machine.

The centrifugal force is determined by the radius and speed of rotation. As the radius of the KUKU grounds cup is fixed, the centrifugal force can only be controlled by the rotational speed. Both atmospheric pressure and high pressure can be generated, making KUKU possible to make various types of coffee. Nonetheless, the speed driven by a brushless motor is very stable and accurate.

No More Channeling Hassle

Driven by centrifugal force, coffee grounds can be directly and evenly distributed on the wall of the cup, and the rotating water flow can also evenly pass through the grounds, completing uniform extraction. And all of this is done automatically without the traditional operations of distributing and tamping the grounds

02. Independent

Extraction Time Control

KUKU Maker is engineered with a cyclic extraction method, where the water flow is automatically divided into small streams that pass through the coffee grounds and then collected for the next round of extraction until the desired extraction rate is achieved. Adjusting the cycle time, that is, adjusting the extraction time, will not be affected by the compactness of the puck, and is also relatively independent. Therefore, baristas can develop more flow control curves to make coffee flavors more diverse.

In a regular espresso machine, the extraction process usually lasts for about 10~20 seconds. In this process, the flow rate can be unstable due to factors such as pressure fluctuations, the uniformity and resistance of the coffee grounds. This complexity presents a challenge in controlling the water flow and bring uncertainty to the accurate extraction.

03. Independent

Thickness Control

The traditional espresso machine uses water pressure to let water pass through the coffee grounds. Therefore, more water can extract the grounds more fully, but it also reduces the concentration of the coffee liquid. The high-density grounds can extend the contact time between water and coffee grounds, and increase the extraction concentration, but the extension of this time is uncontrollable and easy to lead to over extraction.

The KUKU Maker does things differently. Instead of the usual coffee puck, it uses a circular extraction method and plays with the cycle time to get the perfect coffee strength. This means you'll always get a strong cup of coffee, even if you don't use a lot of water. And thanks to its centrifugal force technology, the coffee weight matches the water input, so you won't waste a drop.

04. Independent

Temperature Control

We know that if low-temperature water is used for coffee extraction, the efficiency is very low, often requiring more water and longer extraction time, such as making cold brew coffee using room temperature water. Although some coffee machines can adjust the water temperature, the temperature also affects the extraction effect and can not be adjusted at will.

Different temperatures can bring out different flavor components, and also cause different changes in the flavor substances in coffee grounds. KUKU Maker utilizes centrifugal circulation extraction technology to enable independent adjustment of extraction parameters without mutual interference, making coffee extraction temperature independent. Therefore, on KUKU Maker, user only need to adjust the water temperature based on the flavor requirements rather than extraction requirements, which allows the user accurately create more coffee flavors.

Cold / Room-Temperature Extraction

Just pour directly into ice water or room temperature water to quickly make cold brew coffee.

Pour a small amount of water to make concentrated coffee liquid, or pour more water to directly make regular cold brew coffee.

Supported Water Type/Temp

Crushed Ice

Ice Water

Room-temperature Water

High-Temperature Extraction

KUKU Maker uses a more efficient electromagnetic induction method to quickly and accurately heat water to the required temperature, ensuring the production of espresso or American coffee is completed in a short time.

Variable-Temperature Extraction

The open water system allows you to add water while extracting, expanding more coffee brewing methods. For example, you can create various unique flavors by adding water in stages, adjusting temperature in stages, and using different types of coffee grounds.

05. Consistent Pressure for Consistent Output

The traditional espresso machine keeps the pressure steady in the boiler, but here's the thing: the extraction actually happens between the group head and the portafilter basket, which is outside the boiler. The pressure during extraction can change because of the coffee puck as it’s not easy to make the same puck every time. The grind, the amount of coffee, and how we distribute and tamp it can all mess with the puck. So it's tough to make consecutive shots taste the same, unless you're a seasoned barista.

That's why we use Centrifugal force as the extraction core for KUKU Maker. Now, the pressure of KUKU is only related to how fast the powder funnel spins. This ensures a consistently stable pressure throughout the entire extraction process, eliminating any concerns about other variables. As a result, you can enjoy the same impeccable cup of coffee every single time.

Designing with Care

① Ergonomic Powder Funnel Design

No need for complicated tamping - just pour your coffee grounds directly into the funnel. The open structure makes it easy to add grounds before and during extraction. The precision-engineered 0.3mm micro mesh filter efficiently separates the coffee grounds, making cleaning a breeze with just a quick flush.

② Energy Efficient

With its electromagnetic induction heating method, the KUKU Maker delivers an impressive thermal conversion efficiency of up to 90%, outperforming traditional coffee machines that use resistance heating and achieve only 50% efficiency.

③ Customized App Experience

Through KUKU Maker's exclusive app, users can freely and accurately set the extraction pressure and temperature curve, and save it as a template for future use. You can also share your template with other friends to quickly copy your coffee brewing method.

Durable & Easy to Clean

Open Tunnel &

Removable Powder Funnel

The coffee residue can be easily spilt by taking out the power funnel. Thanks to the open tunnel, the water chamber is visible and touchable for cleaning. Also, the ventilated design is conducive to eradicating odor and water.

Metal Material &

IP65 Water-Resistance

Durable material of aluminum alloy is selected to cover the body, so rinsing to clean can easily wipe up the dirt and make it new. What's more, equipped with a leakage protector and IP65 water resistance design, KUKU MAKER offers comprehensive and valid protection to the internal electric circuits.

Open Tunnel &

Removable Powder Funnel

The coffee residue can be easily spilt by taking out the power funnel. Thanks to the open tunnel, the water chamber is visible and touchable for cleaning. Also, the ventilated design is conducive to eradicating odor and water.

Metal Material &

IP65 Water-Resistance

Durable material of aluminum alloy is selected to cover the body, so rinsing to clean can easily wipe up the dirt and make it new. What's more, equipped with a leakage protector and IP65 water resistance design, KUKU MAKER offers comprehensive and valid protection to the internal electric circuits.

Third Party Review & Livestream & Testing

What's Inside

Live 3D Model

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Tech Specs




Waterproof Rate


Ground Capacity

Max. 40g

Water Capacity

Max. 300ml

Direct Extractable Water Temp

Crushed ice, ice water/room-temperature water

Heating Range



100-240V 50/60HZ

Rotation Speed

3000-7000 rpm

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What kind of warranty does KUKU Maker come with?

The regular retail warranty is one year. As a token of our appreciation to our Kickstarter backers, we're extending the warranty to a full 2 years, so you can back our project with extra peace of mind.

How do I clean the machine after each use?

With the same coffee bean and recipe, the machine can be cleaned after peak hours, typically 1-2 hours. If you switch to a new coffee variety or recipe, it's recommended to clean the machine after each use for optimal flavor. The cleaning process is uncomplicated as there are no hidden parts or tubes.


To clean the KUKU Maker, simply pour about 100ml of water into the water chamber and activate the automatic cleaning program. It's designed for easy cleaning as there are no areas where coffee residue can accumulate. In case of prolonged use without regular cleaning leading to coffee stains on the inner chamber wall, you can use coffee machine cleaning powder to soak for a while before letting the machine drain the liquid.

What power supply unit will be shipping with KUKU Maker? / Will it work in my country?

The included power supply unit is compatible with 100-240V AC, thanks to the built-in transformer in the KUKU Maker, making it usable worldwide. It can adapt to various AC mains voltages with interchangeable connectors. Additionally, a suitable power plug will be provided with the machine based on your shipping details.

Can KUKU Maker be used without the App?

Yes, the KUKU Maker comes with pre-saved coffee profiles including pour-over, espresso, cold brew, americano, cold brew espresso, and special profiles by invited baristas. You can effortlessly select and brew your desired coffee type by simply tapping the trigger on the KUKU Maker without needing the app.


New coffee profiles will be regularly added to the app for your convenience. You have the option to download these profiles to the machine for future use. Furthermore, you can adjust the parameters before saving and downloading them to the machine.

Can the filter holes on the powder funnel get clogged by used coffee grounds?

It's not a concern. The filter holes on the KUKU Maker powder cups are deliberately flared, with the outer holes being larger than the inner holes to prevent clogging. After use, a quick rinse with water is all that's required.

What is the wattage of the KUKU Maker?

The KUKU Maker is powered with a maximum of 680 W, wherein 600 W is dedicated to heating and the total power of the other functions is 80 W.

Expected motor lifespan in uses? Stress or soak tested?

Inside the KUKU Maker unit, there are two motors - one is a sensored brushless motor for extraction control, and the other is a brushed motor for the outlet valve.


With the demanding nature of the extraction process in mind, we've selected an inductive brushless motor to maintain superior quality and a prolonged service life. In contrast, the outlet valves, having a low workload, can endure long-term use, even when equipped with a brushed motor.


Also, since the lifespan of the brushless motor is primarily influenced by the bearings, we will employ high-quality bearings with a theoretical operational lifespan of tens of thousands of hours. However, due to the machine's relatively high consumption at high speeds, its actual lifespan will be shorter than the theoretical lifespan, but it can still deliver at least 2,000 hours of usage. In other words, if the motor operates for 2 minutes to make a cup of coffee, it can produce 60,000 cups of coffee, so there's no need to worry about the bearing life.


Besides, we will take extra steps to seal the motor and circuit board, preventing liquid from seeping in, so there's no need for concern.

How does the KUKU Maker maintain and track water temperature?

Inside the KUKU Maker's water chamber, a temperature sensor will detect the water temperature in real-time and maintain uniform water temperature by continuously regulating the water flow through the impeller.

What is the minimum dose that KUKU Maker requires?

We recommend using a minimum of 15 grams of coffee powder.


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