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We're the KUKU HUB team, a mix of hardware, software, and mechanical engineers, designers, supply chain experts, as well as coffee lovers, all driven by the goal of creating awesome products across various industries that are affordable and top-notch. Our products offer a fresh take on conventional tech, aiming to bring extra convenience and customizable options to people's daily routines.

We currently have offices in China and Singapore, and we want to engage directly with consumers globally via platforms like Discord and Facebook. We aim to be involved in everything from design and R&D to production and sales. We believe this approach will help us better understand consumer needs and deliver higher-quality products at more affordable prices.

KUKU Maker

KUKU Maker

KUKU Maker is a versatile coffee maker that is completely driven by the team from project initiation, validation, to development. Adopting unique technological means, KUKU Maker is a new type of coffee brewing tool that can more stably and parameterize the brewing of various classic types of coffee. To our surprise, the KUKU Maker community has gathered over 5,000 members in a short period of time and is still growing.


Our mechanical engineers and designers work together to design the structure of each part of the product, and work with electrical engineers to test and validate, and repeatedly make improvements and optimizations until the final mass production. The whole process covers design, technical validation, prototyping, testing and optimization, parts processing, and mass production. Together with our experienced supply chain experts, we are able to effectively control all aspects of the entire product process to ensure the final product is manufactured.


Currently, our cooperative local warehouses are operating in the EU, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Hong Kong. Notably, the warehouses in the EU, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong are actively providing repair services and after-sales assistance. Other warehouses and after-sales service sites will be opened according to demand.


We have a 7-year long term relationship with a factory that allocates four production lines to us, which can be scaled up according to our needs. We take responsibility for the procurement of raw materials, the development of production plans, and the calibration of production equipment to maintain the quality and capacity of our products.


At KUKU HUB, our electrical engineers are responsible for product circuit design, testing, and full production. They focus on developing pcbs and selecting high-quality components, committed to ensuring excellent user experience in electronic hardware.

Embedded coffee profiles

We have a relationship with a number of professional baristas, who assisted in the customization and testing of the coffee brewing templates in the app, ensuring that users can easily and quickly select and use those tested profiles.


KUKU Maker's app is also entirely created by our own software engineers. It includes mobile applications both for smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android systems, ensuring that our products are fully functional and continuously expandable.

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Ask away and let's chat in the KUKU community.

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